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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. please read the roll. director lee. director no land, ramos. item 3 announcement of prohibition of sound prostitution advice. please be adviced that cell phones are prohibited at the meeting. anyone responsible for one going off maybe asked to leave the room. set up and microphone may cause interference. item 4, approval of the minutes. august 20th. motion to approve. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> thank you. okay. >> communications director please be advised that item
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10.1 b case and item 13 for light rail vehicles have both been removed from the agenda. >> item 6. new and unfinished business by board members. >> yes, i would like to ask director riis skin if we can have the central corridor project have an update come to the board at some point. i know in light of recent events of folsom street someone lost their life. if we can have an update because i believe the central corridor has some project on it. would be really good to get an update on that. since south of market is becoming an area for jobs. >> anything else? >> director lee? >> directors report?
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>> good afternoon. chairperson. members of the board, members of the public and staff. first i would like to start out with special recognition awards as we do at the first meeting every month and we have every sustainable streets to come forward with a team of folks that we want to recognize today. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, mr. chairman, members of board mr. riis skin. my pleasure to introduce the person. this is a very mature program that we
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have that we bring in interns from both high school and colleges from the bay area and also throughout the country to help us during the summer and to relieve our work load and give them experience. we have been pretty successful. we have graduated over 300 former interns and now they are in the field of practicing in the bay area as well as throughout the country. some of the graduates of the program include our current city traffic engineer, the manager for our sf gov program and these students are driven and they do this on their own time and only
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motivated by the reward of seen others get exposed to the field and hopefully some day they will become professionals in the field. as you can tell it's a very challenging proposition because when you are mentoring a host of bright intelligent and driven young people, it's a lot of pressure to keep them engaged and also stay one step ahead of them. i have done it before and i still haven't recovered from the pressure. so, the members this year are mark lee who is the chair. agadelo, carter, who is not here, hunter, michael who can't be here, phillip robles.
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>> on behalf of the board of directors, thank you for your service. we appreciate it. [ applause ] . we would love to hear some words from you guys. mr. chairman? >> mr. chairman. >> good afternoon, the intern chair for the summer. i would like to thank vaun for the program. as a former intern myself it's a great chance to be part of the intern committee and give back to the students who are really interested in transportation. i would like to thank patricia. without them we couldn't hire the interns. i would like to thank our great committee. they did a great job. i was able to learn how to delegate this year. although i
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couldn't delegate this speech, great job everybody. for those who are continuing on the committee next year, good luck and i will be around if you need help. thank you, mr. chairman. [ applause ] >> thank you, next up i want to ask transit director to come forward to recognize two folks who helped deal with some extreme extra on rdinary circumstances. >> good afternoon. thank you. to my right are antonio, the superintendent and to her right
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is mr. david lee whose job it is to make sure that a group of cranky teenagers known as our fleet performs the way it should be. with your help, as you know we are replacing the fleet and one of the things that we constantly do everybody is check and recheck the fleet. and even doing that we have problems. in the first week of august we had two bus fires both while the buses were in service and passengers on. thankfully nobody was hurt. thanks to these individuals the response was immediate and our follow up was thorough and we put together what we believe to be a number of changes. at a time when paul and governance
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committee we talk about goals and safety. i thought it would be good for you to recognize two people who live and breathe that and through their collective efforts in pulling everybody together in having an open forum with the operators and all the issues put on the table, david was to some degree put on the hot seat by these customers and handled it very well and both put together a great program to ensure both our workers as well as a right in public. david, thank you. >> good afternoon; mr. chairman and members of the mta board,
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riis skin. i'm excited to receive this recognition. thank for getting to the bottom of these incidents. i would like to thank mr. lee for his support. david is always willing to assist us and help us understand the maintenance side. i also thank my assistant superintendent and my office staff for always being ready to assist me in whatever endeavor i ask them to undertake and most of all to the operators for their support and patience and their confidence in how we dealt with the situation. in all those recognition is under my name i see it as being for all of us for transit services because to me it signifies the
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spirit of unity that is there as we meet the challenges ahead of us. thank you again. >> mr. lee? >> thank you very much for the nomination. i just want to inform the board that i was raised in the city and i road munis all the time and it makes me proud an honored to receive this award. i work for a service that provides an opportunity to succeed and a service available to everyone. we live in a highly mobile society and transportation is important to all of us and i thank the director and the board for supporting and investing in our transportation
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system. we do make a difference and the city preeshths it and i appreciate it. i am so honored. thank you. >> thank you, mr. lee and appoint i -- antonio. on behalf of the board, we appreciate it very much. [ applause ] >> riskin? >> just a couple other quick things. i think it was last meeting at public comment there were some folks who came and spoke with regard to contract, 1300, which is the large contract that we have awarded for the central subway stations tracks and systems. i do want to just put some context on so far the sbe performance of all of the central contracts to date which are three construction contracts and about 5 professional services
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contract have all been very strong. many of them have the professional services contracts have 30 percent. all of them have exceeded those goals with one of them as high as more than 43 percent. one of the construction contracts had 97 percent sb participation and the other had 87. to date we've actually done extremely well in terms of sbe participation. with regard to the specific direction that this board gave that any unlisted work on that contract, that the contractor work with our office and making opportunities available, they have done that with some success so far. in total
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contract there 1300 san francisco based firms that have $13 million of the work. it's a bunch of work going to san francisco firms and we continue to work very actively with the contractor to provide him, to connect him with small san francisco businesses to provide those opportunities and i just want to remind you that we had i think a 20 percent sbe goal on solicitation and the contract currently is better than 25 percent small businesses. so we are working hard to honor those commitments. if you look at agency wide 170 participate in the project.
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>> i was very touched by the local contractors of the feeling that -- i think this is good information, i think we can be proud of it. is there a way to let folks know that, the contractors, the ones that were here at least, the contractors association or something? >> yeah, i can work with our contract compliance staff in terms of our communicating. at this point, it's specific pieces of work that don't have a list of subcontractors. the law requires that you list any subcontractor at the time of bid that works in equivalent of a half percent or more. those are already chosen but for the remaining pieces and those working specifically with the firms together with the contractor, they are getting this information. but in terms of generally how we are doing on the project and what opportunities maybe available, i'm happy to work on how we might be able to better communicate that.
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>> this is part of the quarterly report as far as contracting? is that correct? >> right. right now i submit to you a quarterly basis of the contract activity. we'll incorporate how we are doing on sbe and lbe participation and combeg regular updates going forward. >> thank you, appreciate that. >> a couple other quick points as everybody knows last week, everyone is pretty excited about it. it's got a lot of good coverage. hopefully all of you have had an opportunity, hopefully the vice-chair used this as an excuse to get to the meeting. it's exciting to see that moving forward. the other thing that everybody knows about is the bay bridge opened last night. what folks what
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folks did not know and we didn't have a bridge to construction, our folks did do a lot of work on the ground to facilitate movement for the bridge closure from the time it closed to reopening. i want to acknowledge the enforcement unit and patrol officers. a lot of work behind-the-scenes to keep things flowing smoothly to enable the bridge to shut down. to manage it while it was down and to manage it while it was opened back up. great service from the unsung heroes. they are a big part of what made that last closure and all the previous closures successful. i want to acknowledge that. finally just wanted to note that should this meeting go past 3:15 i'm going to have to excuse myself because one of the california public utilities commissioners has called for an
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all parties hearing on the proceeding regarding to these transportation network companies as they are now called and since i'm a party in that, i will excuse myself. >> any board questions for director riskin? seeing none? >> there is a member of the public. >> thank you chairman. i just want to make sure that there was some awareness that is being made available that we can build awareness about the 15 or the line that goes out to treasure island 108, thank you. that it would actually help out with some kind of activity. [inaudible]. if they can get it
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away from the city to pass through treasure island. i think it's pretty exciting. >> i was going to say when i saw the plans, the visual on tv and all that and thought about doing that with my children, i thought we are going to need more than two -- we are going to need a bigger bike rack on the 109 and we'll come back and need to get to the city. we need to work with bart or something like that. that occurred to me that we are going to have a lot of people biking there and want to get back to the city and may not want to go to oakland to get back. >> members of the board. directors report? >> herbert rhiner. one question i have about the rail project, are you reaching the point of overrun because if it reaches the point of overrun,
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then money maybe detracted from other services such as transit and other vital services. this has been a very costly project. the main contractor has had a history of over runs. i don't know how many times he had a very checkered history. i'm concerned about potential over runs and it's impact on services? >> thank you. >> one other thing sort of on the on going activities i had asked and i think we that had board's consent that by the end of the year we get a list for the items on the short-term plan. god bless the 30-year plan, but the short year plan will focus on issues that we have beenen encountering on the metro system and my first experience in talking with a lot of people that the summer schedule working very well that it did not cause the problem that the sky falling as some
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people warned it would. it actually worked efficiently. we are not on the summer schedule and i see some of the issues that we had before bumping into montgomery. as we look to this list of items that we are going to do especially on the metro, i would ask that we focus on the data from september 1st going forward and operation from the regular schedule because i think operation under the summer schedule actually had this sort of interesting effect of alleviating some of the problems. that's probably an artificial alleviation. >> next item. >> report of director please be advised there will not be one. >> public comment. mr. weiner
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is the only one who turned in a speaker card. >> thank you. mr. weiner. >> herbert weiner. i'm concerned about the transit effect on this project because basically this project is a zero sum solution. there are no net additions of vehicles to the fleet. now, i understand some new coaches came in service. but i also wonder if coaches were retired from service because they weren't supposedly supposed to be obsolete. these coaches would need to be maintained and that would be an addition to the fleet. there was also a question on the handicap. for instance on the three jackson lines, people are expected to walk from california to presidio avenue to embarcadero street. that is an incline hill. and it also applies to
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the bus stops on 19th avenue. human impact has not been addressed on this. it's equivalent to dropping a bomb 50,000 feet in the air and not seeing it. this has to be addressed. buses are being taken from the neighborhood. from peter to paul. there should have been more buses and more drivers. stage one has been implemented. i wonder about the internal structure of mta. how does that relate to public delivery through public transportation. i would definitely vote know on the bond that is coming up. it will stop the transit effect and i say that's all for the good. you need more coaches and more
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drivers and basically munis seems to have the lowest priority on the mta agenda. >> anybody else want to speak? >> good afternoon. my name is frances offer man. i'm a professional engineer. i come here to speak about the south of market traffic. in particular to the board of directors tom nol an, jerry lee, and christina. what i'm here to speak about is of course i'm -- the background here of course is we know that we have danger when we put on to the streets large trucks and bikes. there has been a number
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of deaths, i think three in the last year, all involving large trucks and bikes. the danger large trucks sharing the roads with bicycles was again highlighted on august 10, 2013. when 24-year-old was killed by a truck making a right hook turn. while she was riding her bicycle in the sfmta designated bike lane. as an engineer, i'm trained to look at three things: one is anticipation of problems. two, is recognized problems. and three, preventing problems. i think most of us would agree here that we can anticipate problems with large trucks and with bicycles. we
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certainly can recognize there is issues here. what i want to talk about is prevention. i know that's by coalition has a lot of plans in working on things. sure -- sure what i want to say today. large trucks on roads with bicycle lanes. >> sir can you sum up quickly? >> yes. in terms of the height of the road. my recommendation to the board is right now, post truck, no right turns on folsom street. trucks can take three left turns if they want. can i hand this in? >> sure. >> next speaker, please. is there anyone else who cares to address the board under public comment? one more?
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>> ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon and commissioners, good afternoon. ford record my name is emilio lawrence. i'm before a resident of san francisco for 44 years, a taxi driver for 15. also i'm the holder of med allion 9015. the taxi business has changed so long with the limousine. we are being find by the taxi, sfmta for picking up wheelchairs that are not pair a transit
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wheelchairs. it does not allocate any so-called paired transit wheelchair picks up to taxi cabs. they no longer give us to drivers. they still fine us. what i have done today is to bring in what we call -- this is called a walker. we literally pick up hundreds of them on a monthly basis waned get find by the mta for picking them up because they don't have a paired transit ticket where they have to pay the mta to get one. we are find on a monthly basis for picking these up. this is the wheelchair of the 90s, 2013, more are going to be used. there is nothing in your system to accommodate them. i bring it up here to show you that these fold up and can go
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into any taxi cab and don't have to go into a ramp for wheelchairs. i also have a couple of letters that i'm delivering to the board of supervisors. >> anyone else care to speak on public comment? >> seeing none? next item. >> we are moving on to the consent calendar? >> anyone else care to speak to the board, please come forward now. >> good afternoon, my name is hernandez. i'm with the bicycle coalition. i urge you to improve folsom street, howard street and sixth street and many other streets in the south market tenderloin area. streets that have been very dangerous and have caused deaths. these are areas with a lot of people biking, a lot of people walking. it's important that they be safe. there are already
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projects on the books. i urge you to continue working with them. >> any one else? >> next item. >> the fire removal of 10.1b. no item has been asked to be severed from the consent calendar. >> is there a motion on that? >> second? >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> opposed? >> passes. >> on the calendar, authorizing up to $175 million in revenue bonds to cover certain transportation projects and documents in this area for these transactions. item 12: is related declaring an official in tonight reimburse the mta with proceeds and
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obligations fort -- for the safely revenue obligation. >> i have a report for the report. i will try to make this quick. so this is a second series of revenue bonds. very exciting. if you remember we issued these a few years ago and we down sized the series to make sure that we had everything in place before we issued a larger series. this is a larger series. we are asking for authorization of up to $175 million in revenue bonds. depending on the market this will probably come down. we are asking your approval related today bond financing. let me


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